“Historiograph” Note #99


99. “…a YOUNG MAN in a dandified 1830s suit…” Transposition, distortion. The apparition of the young Karl Marx is taken from the portrait of Marx on the cover of Oeuvres Philosophiques, Vol. 1 (Paris: Champ Libre, 1981). As a student in Berlin in 1837, Marx joined the “Young Hegelian” Doktorklub, a philosophical society/drinking club devoted to radical atheism and to opposing orthodox Hegelianism. The group was in some ways comparable to the Lettrist International and the Situationist International, both of which certainly considered it an ancestor. “Young Hegelians” t-shirts were likely not in style, but you never know. A punk band calling itself The Young Hegelians began appearing around New York City in 1983 (see the ad for CBGB nightclub in the 15 November 1983 Village Voice, 127), so there probably are YOUNG HEGELIANS t-shirts, at least now.



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