“Historiograph” Note #97

97.BAADER: One more…” Johannes Baader (1875-1955), a member of the Berlin Dada Club, declared himself the “Oberdada” in 1918. He was an admirer of and thought of himself as a new Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons; having been declared mentally incompetent because of his oft-professed claim to be Jesus Christ returned from Heaven, he frequently signed his name “Johannes B. Krystuus.” For Raoul Hausmann’s account of “the Christ Society, Ltd.,” see Hans Richter, Dada: Art and Anti-Art (1964; New York: Oxford University Press, 1965, 1978), 125, citing Hausmann’s Courrier Dada (Paris: Terrain Vague, 1958), 74-75.